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Welcome to ESURFMAR VOSMETADATA : access restricted

This database contained Voluntary Observing Ships Pub47 data for ESURFMAR participating countries and also pub47 data of other countries sending their quaterly data to WMO through Pub47 XML or CSV files. Data are daily updated through the interface of the application by authorized users.

Use the form to login to the application in order to access to data for consultation or modification depending on your user profile.

The ESURFMAR VOS METADATA database content is exported every day in formats CSV and XML of Pub47.
Download without restrictions all exported files Pub47.

The ESURFMAR VOS METADATA database application is an informal copy of Pub47. The formal version of the Pub47 can be found at WMO No. 47 - International List.

If you do not have a user name and password or if you encounter problems with login, please contact application administrators : send mail.

2021/12/07 11:27